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Enabling access to all three stakeholders, anytime and anywhere.

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Less Paper Works

Taking care of the paperwork so doctors don't have to, allowing them more time with their patients.

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Tracking and Management

Making claims tracking and management more efficient for HMOs through our operational support.

One System

Connecting patients, doctors and HMOs in one system.

Our Value Proposition

Stash aims to connect healthcare professionals with customers in a seamless and secure manner


Perfectly designed

Bringing together technological know-how and nuanced knowledge of human interaction, we make healthcare more efficient and connected- the way healthcare is supposed to be.

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Vision and Mission


We're a health tech company working on claims management platform for health insurance companies and doctors in the Philippines. In Stash, we're solving this by replacing paper pushing with a click of a button while preventing fraud and abuse along the way. Imagine, the money that these companies save can be further used to improve patient care and lower the cost of premiums. Yes, a better quality healthcare. That's our mission. That's our vision.


To become the de facto standard service platform for health insurance providers in the Philippines that people trusts and use for their healthcare needs


We value action and results more than a perfect plan
We value integrity and commitment
We value respect
We value our partners, team members, and customers
We value self-starters and finishers
We value execution than perfection
We value communication
We value autonomy

Our Team

 co-founder and coo of stash ph

Joyce Paulo


Joyce found her niche in the design of beauty, simplicity and functionality in user interfaces. She is a currently a Senior User Experience Analyst with 7 years experience on mobile, web and desktop platforms.

She believes that mobile products should start, continue and end with the user in mind and that understanding the user's needs is the beginning of true design wisdom.

founder and ceo of stash ph

Omar Cruz


Omar has been in the IT industry for 11 years with experience on finance, ERP, and airline industry. He has worked with small startup companies to large multi-national companies.

More than those, he has been an entrepreneur at heart. With Stash, he wants to improve the healthcare delivery in the Philippines.


 co-founder and coo of stash ph

David Ng

David brings 29+ years of broad industry and international exposure, gained through working in challenging start-ups and respected MNCs as a finance professional in leadership roles as a CFO and as a Consultant.

His experience has covered global and regional positions, based out of Singapore, Hong Kong, London and Sydney. This background gives him a strong basis to work with Entrepreneurs and Executives, with a focus on corporate development, financial performance, intellectual property and creating growth for Companies and Individuals.

founder and ceo of stash ph

Julien de Salasberry

Julien founded The Propell Group, a boutique venture investor and advisory firm, based in Singapore, focused on healthtech / digital health startups and growth companies. Advisor to startups, accelerators & incubators in healthtech and technology in high growth markets.

Senior executive with over 15 years of experience in healthcare with leading brands including Eli Lilly, Boston Scientific, Baxter, GSK, Merck&Co. Julien has a deep understanding of organic and inorganic growth in healthcare.

cto of stash ph

Joseph Mocanu

Life sciences specialist with strong international experience.

Presently building Asian life sciences practice for Oliver Wyman. Prior to this, co-founded medical device company in real-time brain imaging, and worked at a "friendly" activist PE fund in China. PhD in Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto, and MBA from Richard Ivey School of Business; 19 peer-reviewed journal articles and three patents. Active mentor to, and occasional angel investor in medtech startups.

How We Do It.

Simplified Process

We simplify processes for everyone in the healthcare industry.

One Platform

We link patients, doctors and health maintenance organizations together in one platform.

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Expertise and Domain Knowledge

With our expertise in information technology and domain knowledge in healthcare, we cut through complicated systems that make healthcare administration difficult.

Social Sciences

We also are apply social sciences to have a deeper understanding of the relationships among the stakeholders in order to continually make products that the industry really needs.


Telstra names its muru-D Singapore 'class of 2015

Representing some of the best entrepreneurial and digital talent, the class #1 intake includes a breadth of diverse industries, with businesses in healthcare, consumer applications, financial services, law, mobile payments and advertising services represented, with founders from Russia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Muru-D accelerator unveils pioneer Asian cohort

Telstra-Backed startup accelerator MURU-D announced its inaugural class #1 Singapore, which attracted appilcations from 15 countries, including Chile and Russia.

"Uncover many websites still in their infancy. Various versions have evolved over the years, sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose (injected humour and the like)."

Telstra investors and analysts have warned they will carefully scrutinise the telecommunications company's plan to buy into a Philippines mobile provider due to the higher risks of doing business there.

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