Why Stash?

Enhanced Connectivity and User Experience

Enhanced Connectivity

We digitized traditional customer pain points to reduce claim cycle time.
Our solution is consumer-inspired user interface that mirrors personal technology and is designed to speed up on-boarding.

Responsive Product Development

Responsive Product Development

We offer low cost infrastructure to setup and remove the complex customizations, speeding time to value and reducing both support requirements and costs.

Data Driven Decision Making & Insights

Data Driven Decision Making & Insights

We provide secure efficient data capture and organization‌, enabling management a more informed and efficient decision making.

Health Claims and Management System in one platform.

Connecting Patients, Doctors and HMO’s

Real Time Access

Enabling access to all three stakeholders, anytime and anywhere.

Less Paper Work

Taking care of the paperwork so doctors don't have to, allowing them more time with their patients.

Expertise and Domain Knowledge

Cutting through complicated systems that make healthcare administration difficult.

Tracking and Management

Making claims tracking and management more efficient for HMOs through our operational support.

Collect Claims Faster

Reduce turnaround time for your claim collection.

Social Sciences

We apply social sciences to have a deeper understanding of the relationships among the stakeholders in order to continually make products that the industry really needs.

How Stash Works

Seamless process between Hospitals, Doctors and HMOs

Browse Nearby Doctors

Connect with the best healthcare professionals near you

Partners and Customers


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