More than Just Claims

Posted On  August 13, 2018
Ernani Omar Cruz
Stash Ph


I’d like to share something that I didn’t realize Stash is quite offering already (more than just the claims processing) — it’s a prelude already to Revenue Cycle Management. This dawned on me recently with the work we have done for our current clients.

As we are slowly touching more into the following: determining patient eligibility (WIP as HMO are quite not that open for integration), collecting their co-pay (HMO & PhilHealth), coding claims correctly, tracking claims, collecting payments and following up on denied claims. With Stash, clients can now monitor and Efficiently manage patient’s revenue cycle.

However, we are seeing some problems in the hospital organizations themselves that affect revenue cycles such as :

1) The staff has not been properly trained or educated. There are some persons in the chain does their job incorrectly/inefficiently. It will affect the outcome of the rest of the chain. (minsan nag tuturuan sino gagwa or hindi mabagal yung isa mag encode, then it affects the rest in the process flow)

2) Lack of communication between staff. While we don’t see this much, there are times that people in the organization are too busy to coordinate with other staff. Again, it affects the whole process and how things get done and how fast they get done.

Bottom line, claims management of Stash provides an objective look into the efficiency and effectiveness of a hospital (and insurance coy’) operations that ultimately affects their revenues.

Personally, my challenge is to get this message across to the decision makers of the hospitals — as sometimes I get frustrated with undue delays. It’s not that we just wanted to sell software. But I want our clients to realize the values in making their organizations perform better — benefit of that includes staff, partners, and patients.