Our Value Proposition

Stash aims to connect healthcare professionals with customers in a seamless and secure manner


Perfectly designed

Bringing together technological know-how and nuanced knowledge of human interaction, we make healthcare more efficient and connected- the way healthcare is supposed to be.


Vision and Mission

Our Mission

We're a health tech company working on claims management platform for health insurance companies and doctors in the Philippines. In Stash, we're solving this by replacing paper pushing with a click of a button while preventing fraud and abuse along the way. Imagine, the money that these companies save can be further used to improve patient care and lower the cost of premiums. Yes, a better quality healthcare. That's our mission. That's our vision.

Our Vision

To become the de facto standard service platform for health insurance providers in the Philippines that people trusts and use for their healthcare needs

Our Values

We value action and results more than a perfect plan
We value integrity and commitment
We value respect
We value our partners, team members, and customers
We value self-starters and finishers
We value execution than perfection
We value communication
We value autonomy