Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes our policies on the collection, use, and disclosure of your information in connection with your use of Stash PH’s websites and mobile applications (the "Services"). The terms "we", "us", and "Stash PH" refer to Stash PH Inc., a Delaware corporation. Capitalized terms used but not defined in this Privacy Policy shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Terms of Use. When you use the Services, you consent to our collection, use, and disclosure of your information as described in this Privacy Policy.

1. Information Collection

We collect information from you in several different ways while providing the Services.

We may collect following information:

1.1 Personal Information

In order for you to access certain features of the Services, we may require you to provide us with certain information that personally identifies you (“Personal Information”). Personal Information includes the following categories of information: (1) Contact Data (such as your e-mail address, phone number and Stash PH password); (2) Demographic Data (such as your gender, your date of birth and your zip code); (3) Insurance Data (such as your insurance carrier and insurance plan); (4) Medical Data (such as your previous health care providers visited, your reason for visit and your date of visit); and (5) other information you choose to share with us. If you communicate with us by, for example, e-mail or letter, any information provided in such communication may be collected as Personal Information.

We will never ask you to provide, request that you do not provide, and disclaim all liability if you chose to provide any information that relates to the past, present, or future physical or mental health or condition of an individual; the provision of health care to an individual; or the past, present, or future payment for the provision of health care to an individual (collectively, “Individually Identifiable Health Information”). Providing any such information may be grounds for termination from use of the Services.

1.2 Location

We may collect and store information about your location if you enable your computer or mobile device to send us location information. You may be able to change the settings on your computer or mobile device to prevent it from providing us with such information.

1.3 Activity

We may collect and store information related to you and your use of the Services, such as your browser type, IP address, unique device identifier, the phone numbers and names of businesses that you call through use of the Services, requested URL, referring URL, browser language, the pages you view, and the date and time of your visit.

We may also use third party analytics services in connection with the Services. For example, we may use services to record mouse clicks, mouse movements, scrolling activity, and/or clicks to call or contact health care providers through the Services, as well as any text that you type into the Services (collectively, “Traffic Data”). These analytics services will not collect Personal Information that you do not voluntarily enter. These services will not track your browsing habits across websites which do not use their services. We are using the information collected from these services to find usability problems to make the Services easier to use. The recordings will never identify you or your account. We only record anonymous user information, and we stop such recording before you sign-in or create an account. Should we decide to use any third party analytics services that track or collect Personal Information, we will provide you with advance notice.

1.4 Cookies and Similar Mechanisms

“Cookies” are small computer files that are transferred to your computer's hard drive that contain information such as user ID, user preferences, lists of pages visited and activities conducted while browsing the Services. At your option, expense and responsibility, you may block cookies or delete cookies from your hard drive. However, by disabling cookies, you may not have access to the entire set of features of the Services.

We may use cookies, web beacons, local shared objects (sometimes called flash cookies), and similar technology in connection with your use of the Services. Cookies may have unique identifiers, and reside, among other places, on your computer, in emails we send to you, and on our web pages. Cookies may transmit information about you and your use of the Services, such as your browser type, search preferences, data relating to advertisements that have been displayed to you or that you have clicked on, and the date and time of your use.

1.5 Information Provided on Behalf of Children

Stash PH does not collect information from children under the age of 13 in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”). If you are a parent or legal guardian of a minor child, you may, in compliance with the Terms of Use, use the Services on behalf of such minor child. Any information that you provide while using the Services on behalf of your minor child will be treated as Personal Information as otherwise provided herein. If you are under the age of 18, you should not, and have no permission to, use the Services.

2. Information You Submit

We may store the information you submit to or through use of the Services. We use the information to fulfill your requests, provide Service functionality, improve Service quality, personalize your experience, display relevant advertising, provide customer support, send messages to you, back up our systems, allow for disaster recovery, and comply with legal obligations. Among the information you submit to or through the Services, please note:

2.1 Account registration

You must provide a valid email address in order to sign up for an account through the Services. In addition, you may provide us with your (1) full name, (2) phone number, (3) address, and (4) insurance data (such as insurance carrier and insurance plan). When you sign up for a Stash PH account, we opt you in to receive emails from Stash PH by default. You can manage your email preferences and modify some of the information associated with your account here (Link to my profile page). Note that you cannot opt out of receiving required administrative or legal notices. If you feel that an unauthorized account has been created depicting you or your likeness, you can request its removal by sending email to [email protected]

You can also sign up by logging into online accounts you may have with third party service providers, including social networking service providers ("SNS") (e.g. Facebook); each such account, a "Third Party Account", via our Services as described below. As part of the functionality of the Services, you may link your Stash PH Account with Third Party Accounts, by allowing Stash PH to access your Third Party Account, to the extent permitted under the applicable terms and conditions that govern your use of each Third Party Account. If you chose to login through a Third Party Account, the login process will be governed by the terms and conditions imposed by the applicable SNS.

You represent that you are entitled to grant Stash PH access to your Third Party Account, without breach by you of any of the terms and conditions that govern your use of the applicable Third Party Account and without obligating Stash PH to pay any fees or making Stash PH subject to any usage limitations imposed by the applicable SNS. If you decide to register by logging into a Third Party Account via our Services, we may obtain the personal information you have provided to the applicable SNS. Depending on the Third Party Accounts you choose and subject to the privacy settings that you have set in such Third Party Accounts, you understand that by granting us access to the Third Party Accounts, we may also have access to the information in your Third Party Accounts. To the extent permitted by your Third Party Account settings, Stash PH may pre-populate your Stash PH registration with Content from your Third Party Account. For example, if you choose to login to Stash PH through Facebook, the login authentication occurs between you and Facebook; Stash PH may obtain any information that you have authorized Facebook to provide. Please review SNS terms before using these shared login services. Such SNS have different terms of use and different protections for your content and personal information.

2.2 Contacts

You can invite friends, colleagues, health care providers, and others whom you know (collectively, “Associates”) to join the Services by providing their contact information, or by allowing us to use your address book from your computer, mobile device, or other websites or services. We may also use publicly available information to suggest Associates whom you may want to invite to join the Services. If you invite an Associate to join and connect with you through the Services, we may use and store your Associate’s contact information long enough to process your requests. The names and email addresses of Associates whom you invite will be used to send your invitations and reminders as well as to allow Stash PH to help expand your network. We may include names and pictures of other people your Associate might know on Stash PH. The invitation will also give your Associate the opportunity to opt out of receiving other invitations to join Stash PH.

When you send an invitation to connect to an Associate or another User, that Associate or User will have access to your email address because it is displayed in the invitation. The invitation may also contain other Services Content about you, such as your name and photograph, to help the User or Associate identify who is sending the invitation. Your Stash PH connections will also have access to your email address. You may not invite anyone you do not know and trust to connect with you. We may offer tools to help you upload your Associates' contact information so that you can find your Associates on Stash PH, and invite Associates who do not use Stash PH to join.

3. Third Parties

We do not rent, share, sell or trade Personal Information with third parties for their direct marketing purposes. That said, we work with third parties and they may have access to some of your information:

3.1 Sharing of information

We share certain categories of information we collect from you in the ways described in this Privacy Policy. We may share Demographic Data with advertisers and other third parties only on an aggregate (i.e., non-personally-identifiable) basis. We may also share your Contact Data, Demographic Data, Insurance Data and Medical Data with health care providers you choose to schedule through our Services. We also share Personal Information and Traffic Data with our business partners who assist us by performing core services (such as hosting, billing, fulfillment, or data storage and security) related to our operation of the Services and/or by making certain interactive tools available to our users. Those business partners shall be bound to uphold the same standards of security and confidentiality that we have promised to you in this Privacy Policy, and they will only use your Contact Data and other Personal Information to carry out their specific business obligations to Stash PH and to provide your requested medical care and services.

3.2 Service Providers

We outsource some of our technical and customer support, tracking and reporting functions, quality assurance testing, payment processing functions, and other services to third parties. We may share information from or about you with them so that they can perform their services.

3.3 Business Transfers

We may share information from or about you with subsidiaries, joint venturers, or other companies under common control, in which case we will require them to honor this Privacy Policy. If another company acquires Stash PH or all or substantially all of our assets, that company will possess the same information, and will assume the rights and obligations with respect to that information as described in this Privacy Policy, unless we notify you otherwise.

3.4 Links

The Services may contain links to unaffiliated third party websites. Except as set forth herein, we do not share your Personal Information with them, and are not responsible for their privacy practices. We suggest you read the privacy policies on all such third party websites.

3.5 Health Care Providers

Health care providers, their employees, and their agents should be particularly aware of their obligations of patient confidentiality, including without limitation their obligations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”), both in communicating with Stash PH and in responding to a review of their services posted through our Services. Stash PH does not have, and will not accept, any obligations of confidentiality with respect to any communications other than those expressly stated in this Privacy Policy and Stash PH’s Terms of Use.

3.6 Third Party Services

You can connect your Stash PH account to Third Party Accounts, in which case we may collect and store information identifying your account with the Third Party Account. We use the information to help you connect and share public content with your friends and followers. We may use the information to pre-populate your account registration information or identify others you may know or wish to invite to join the Services.

4. Use and Disclosure of Your Information

4.1 Customization and Contact

One goal in collecting Personal Information from you is to provide an efficient, meaningful, and customized experience. For example, we can use your Personal Information to: (a) help make the Services easier for you to use by not having to enter information more than once; (b) help you quickly find information and services; (c) help us create content that is most relevant to you; and (d) alert you to new information and Services that we offer.

We may use your Contact Data to send you information about Stash PH or our products or Services, to contact you when necessary, including to remind you of upcoming or follow-up appointments, and in conjunction with your use of certain interactive tools. We may use your Demographic Data, Traffic Data, your Insurance Data or your Medical Data to customize and tailor your experience on the Services, in emails and in other communications, displaying content that we think you might be interested in and according to your preferences. You agree that Stash PH may use Personal Information to allow your health care providers to make appointments with other doctors on your behalf through the Services The sole purpose will be the booking of appointments, and health care providers will not transmit any information regarding the provision of health care.

4.2 Change in Control

We may also disclose your Personal Information and other information you provide to a third party as part of a sale of the assets of Stash PH, a subsidiary or division, or as the result of a change in control of Stash PH. Any third party to which Stash PH transfers or sells Stash PH’s assets will have the right to continue to use the Personal Information and other information that you provide to us, but they will still have to honor the commitments we have made in this Privacy Policy.

5. Changing and Deleting Your Information

As a registered User of the Services, you can modify some of the Personal Information you have included in your profile or change your username by logging in and accessing your account. Upon your request, Stash PH will use commercially reasonable efforts to delete your account and the Personal Information in your profile; however, it may be impossible to remove your account without some residual information being retained by Stash PH. When you delete your account, you understand that removed Content may persist in backup copies for a reasonable period of time (but will not be available to others). Furthermore, to the extent Content about you has been shared with others, or other Users have independently uploaded and/or retained Content about you, such Content may also remain on the Services.

For example, while we will remove your account profile and the ability for others to contact you through the Services or access your Personal Information, some Content about you may be retained in the individual pages for healthcare providers you contacted through the Services or outside the Services. Such Content may be in aggregate form, such as data pertaining to the number of Users who accessed the respective health care provider’s profile, or in individual form, to the extent that the health care provider has entered or retained Content about individual patients. The respective health care provider is the only User who would have access to such retained aggregate or individualized Content.

Registered users who wish to close their account should request removal by sending email to [email protected]

6. Security

The security of your Personal Information is important to us. We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the Personal Information submitted to us, both during transmission and once we receive it. For example, when you enter sensitive information through our Services, we encrypt that information using secure socket layer technology (SSL).

Although we make good faith efforts to store Personal Information in a secure operating environment that is not open to the public, you should understand that there is no such thing as complete security, and we do not guarantee that there will be no unintended disclosures of your Personal Information. If we become aware that your Personal Information has been disclosed in a manner not in accordance with this Privacy Policy, we will use reasonable efforts to notify you of the nature and extent of the disclosure (to the extent we know that information) as soon as reasonably possible and as permitted by law.

7. Data Privacy Terms and Conditions

We, at Stash PH (the “Company”), are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring that subscribers and non-subscribers, do experience and enjoy our offered cable and internet services and likewise make inquiries regarding said services, in a secure and safe manner. The Company developed this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) with the objective of ensuring compliance with the applicable privacy laws, rules and regulations of the Republic of the Philippines, including but not limited to Republic Act No. 10173, otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (the “Data Privacy Act”), its implementing rules and regulations and rules, regulations and the relevant issuances of the National Privacy Commission of the Philippines (“NPC”).

This Policy governs the collection, sharing, recording, updating, modification, retrieval, use, retention, and disposal of Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information gathered from, Service Application Forms, Website and Campaign-based Registrations, and various communication channels such as phone calls and social media sites, among others.

By applying for subscription or by making inquiries regarding any of our services, accessing the Company’s website (, participating in our marketing and promotional activities, availing of customer service by calling and sending a message through our website, and various social media sites, and continued use of the Company’s products and services, you indicate your consent and acceptance of the terms of this Policy.

Under the Data Privacy Act, persons whose personal, sensitive or privileged information are collected, stored and processed are called “Data Subjects”. Institutions which deal with these information are duty bound to uphold the rights of Data Subjects, as well as to adhere to general data privacy principles and the requirements of lawful processing.

Thus, we hereby provide you with our Privacy Policy that will guard the safety and care of all the Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information that we gather from our customers or Data Subjects.

7.1 Types of Information Covered by This Policy

This Policy applies to Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information.

“Personal Information” is defined by law as any information, whether recorded in a material form or not, from which the identity of an individual is apparent or can be reasonably and directly ascertained by the entity holding the information, or when put together with other information would directly and certainly identify an individual.

“Sensitive Personal Information” is likewise referred to as personal information:

About an individual’s race, ethnic origin, marital status, age, color, and religious, philosophical or political affiliations;About an individual’s health, education, genetic or sexual life, or to any proceeding for any offense committed or alleged to have been committed by such individual, the disposal of such proceedings, or the sentence of any court in such proceedings;Issued by government agencies peculiar to an individual which includes, but is not limited to, social security numbers, previous or current health records, licenses or its denials, suspension or revocation, and tax returns; andSpecifically established by an executive order or an act of Congress to be kept classified.Information that does not identify or pertain to an individual person, such as anonymous, aggregated, or corporate data, is not covered by this Policy. We may collect, use and disclose such information in order to evaluate and improve and respond to the needs of our service offerings; and, communicate to our affiliates, sponsors, advertiser, service contractor; or for other purposes related to the our offered services.

7.2 Scope of This Privacy Policy

This Policy covers all Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information gathered through our Service Application Forms, the website ( ), social media platforms and any other application or means of procuring information that will be used and maintained by the Company, in relation to the rendering the cable and internet products and services offered including related auxiliary services.

7.3 Information Collection

The Company’s collection of Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information is done through the visit of the user on our website.

The Company’s objective in collecting information is to ensure that the customers are able to reach the Company for any and all their needs in relation to the subscription.

In reaching out to our customer relations officers for any and all queries relating to the account, subscription, and technical assistance through phone calls and/or SMS, the Company reserves the right to record the communication with any subscriber or non-subscriber.

In the use of our website, the Company maintains the following means in the collection of information:

Log Information:

IP addresses of site visitors are only collected when transactions are made in the Company’s Website, for log-in and for dispute handling purposes only. As of the date of effectivity of this Policy, the following are the Company’s services that collect IP addresses of site visitors:

Doctor Search Service

Claims Management Service

Information can be extracted through the content management system of the Company’s Website that is protected by certain security features (i.e. secured log-in system, and restricted access or access is limited only to administrators of the Website).

Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies:The Website uses “cookies” to help you personalize your online experience. A cookie is a text file that is placed on your hard disk by a web page server. Cookies cannot be used to run programs or deliver viruses to your computer. Cookies are uniquely assigned to you, and can only be read by a web server in the domain that issued the cookie to you.

One of the primary purposes of cookies is to provide a convenience feature to save you time by informing the web server that you have returned to a specific page. When you return to the Website, the information you previously provided can be retrieved, so you can easily use the Website features that you customized.

You can accept or decline cookies by modifying your browser setting to decline cookies if you prefer. If you choose to decline cookies, you may not be able to fully experience the interactive features of the Website or the linked sites you visit.

7.4 Data Processing Procedure

The Company collects the categories of information above listed. Thereafter, the personal information gathered by the Company about you is used to operate our website and deliver the services you have requested.

The Company shall ensure at all times that only authorized personnel may gain access to information and any violation to its set procedure will be accompanied by corrective measures and remedies within the Company. The Company also reserves its right to use the available legal remedies to correct any reach of protocol and procedure.

Such procedures shall also be regularly monitored, modified, and updated to ensure that the rights of the Data Subjects are respected, and that processing thereof is done fully in accordance with the Data Privacy Act, and other applicable laws and regulations.

7.5 Use and Sharing of Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information

The Company may use your Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information for the following legitimate business purposes:

Management and administrative purposes, which may include, but shall not be limited to, processing your subscription application and providing assistance and responses to queries of non-subscribers, maintenance or termination of accounts, billing, responding to your account and technical needs, and notifying you of any updates to the Company’s products and services;to undertake research and profiling activities, with the aim to better the services offered and to know the needs of the customers in terms of the services being offered and in the maintenance of their subscription; provide training to employees, service contractors and third-party agents in subscription-related queries, technical knowledge and skill, and any other related purposes of maintenance of the Company’s products and services;market research purposes and in order to aid in the continuous development of the Company’s products and services, website and/or applications, which may include, but shall not be limited to the following purposes: (a) to conduct market studies or customer satisfaction surveys; (b) to personalize the Company’s products and services in connection with your personal preferences and interests, and; (c) to determine which offered features of the Company’s products and services are the most popular;advertising and promotion purposes, which may include, but shall not be limited to, campaign-based registration, the use of collected information by our marketing team for promos, such as raffles, offers, incentives and other rewards if you are eligible for the same, provided that you have consented to be notified or informed of the such offers, incentives and other rewards;account security purposes, which may include, but shall not be limited to, notifying you of any service and security issues, preventing and detecting identity fraud, privacy breach or other crimes under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, and conducting internal audits and checking the strength of the security measures in place;for purposes of compliance with legal and regulatory and requirements, which may include, but shall not be limited to, complying with requirements under applicable laws, rules and regulations in the Republic of the Philippines, or disclosing information to law enforcement agencies or government officials, as may be required by the said applicable laws, rules and regulations; andfor other legitimate business purposes, which business purposes shall be communicated to the subscriber, non-subscriber or visitor of the website.The Company may share Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information with the Company’s subsidiaries, affiliates, service providers and third-party agents in order to provide and manage all the needs of the customers in the most efficient and responsive means, which will be covered by appropriate Data Sharing Agreements required under the present law.

In the event of a bankruptcy, or a merger, acquisition, joint venture or other business transaction, involving our Site and applications, Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information may be transferred as part of the assets of the company, but will remain subject to this Policy.

Additionally, Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information may be disclosed, without prior notice and in good faith, when necessary in order to protect or defend the legal rights or property of the Company, other related Companies or their employees, agents and contractors (including enforcement of our agreements); to protect the safety and security of other Stash users or members of the public; to protect the integrity of products and services; to protect against fraud or for risk management purposes; or, to comply with the law or legal process.

The Company will not sell, rent, or share Personal Information with third parties for any reason other than those described above without first obtaining your consent.

7.6 How We Safeguard Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information

Safety of all Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information collected is a top priority for the Company. The Company has implemented policies and procedures in accordance with the Data Privacy Act, related laws and issuances to provide an appropriate level of security for the Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information that we collect, record, update, modify, retrieve, use, store and dispose. The Company requires third parties, to whom we disclose Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information governed by this Policy, to implement similar safeguards to protect Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information.

In case of data breach involving Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information collected, stored, retained and used by the Company, individual notification to the persons affected will be sent electronically or in written form, in accordance with the Company’s breach management protocol as required under the Data Privacy Act, related laws, and issuances.

If you have concerns about data breach involving information you have provided us, please send us an email at [email protected] or contact us at +632-478-4530.

7.7 Access and Deletion

The Company gives you the option of editing, updating, modifying or removing your Personal Information and/or Sensitive Personal Information from the Company’s systems, which may include any and all information shared to the Company’s subsidiaries, affiliates, service providers and third-party agents.

The Company retains Personal Information and Sensitive Personal information for a period of five (5) years or as long as necessary to fulfill a legitimate business purpose, whichever is later. After this retention period, Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information in the Company’s systems will be disposed of in accordance with provisions and procedures of applicable laws.

If you need to access, correct, update, modify or delete any Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Information you have provided to the Company, please send us an email at [email protected] or contact us at +632-478-4530

7.8 Modification to The Policy

From time to time, the Company may update the Policy, as necessary and without prior notice, and will post the revised policy at its website ( ). If we make material changes to the Policy that expand our rights to collect and/or use your Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information, we will notify you through the said website.

This Privacy Policy is effective March 1, 2018.

7.9 How to Contact Us

If you wish to inquire on the processing of your information in relation to the Company’s products and services, or if you wish to modify or revoke your consent to the processing of permissions granted in relation to the Company’s offered products and services, please contact us through our Data Privacy Officer at:

Business Address: 5th Floor, OPL Building, 100 C. Palanca St., Legazpi Village,

Makati City, Philippines 1229

Contact No.: +632-478-4530

E-mail Address: [email protected]

8. Updates and Changes to Privacy Policy

We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. The most current version of the Privacy Policy will govern our use of your Personal Information and other information and will be located at . If we make material changes to this Privacy Policy, we will notify you by email or by posting a notice on or through the Services. By continuing to access or use the Services after those changes become effective, you agree to be bound by the revised Privacy Policy.

9. Contact

If you have any comments, concerns or questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at [email protected]

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