founder and ceo of stash ph

Omar Cruz


Omar has been in the IT industry for 11 years with experience on finance, ERP, and airline industry. He has worked with small startup companies to large multi-national companies.

More than those, he has been an entrepreneur at heart. With Stash, he wants to improve the healthcare delivery in the Philippines.

 co-founder and coo of stash ph

Joyce Paulo


Joyce found her niche in the design of beauty, simplicity and functionality in user interfaces. She is a currently a Senior User Experience Analyst with 7 years experience on mobile, web and desktop platforms.

She believes that mobile products should start, continue and end with the user in mind and that understanding the user's needs is the beginning of true design wisdom.

Our Team

Business and Organizational Development Manager, India

Conrado Perreras

Managing Director, Strategic Business Development

An economist by training, a marketer by profession and an entrepreneur by choice. Advocacies include bamboo for the environment, worksite wellness and corporate governance.

He is a Bank economist and later strategic planner of PCIBank in the late seventies. Moved to Kodak in the eighties to spearhead a marketing career that spanned more than a decade. Established CSP Corporation in the early nineties to bridge the gap between manufacturers and consumers through an efficient and effective distribution system.

He managed the Sarmiento Group of Consulting Companies doing business locally and abroad in the late nineties. Currently, he serves as the Chairman and CEO of Strategic Partners and Alliances, Inc. (SPAI), a strategic management consulting firm providing advisory services and financial intermediation to key developmental projects.

Business and Organizational Development Manager, India

Pretheep V Cleetus

Business and Organizational Development, Asia Pacific

A driven individual, Pretheep carries with him a broad spectrum of interests and a wealth of experience in both the government and private sectors. Skilled in both organisation and people management, Pretheep has led Twinlink Innovative Partners Group Pte Ltd into becoming a key provider of innovative educational services and products for schools in Malaysia within the short span of a year.

Both Stash and Twinlink Innovative Partners Group share the same goal in looking for innovative solutions to positively impact the industries they serve. We seek to establish a strong presence in Asia while addressing the social and humanitarian challenges in the region.

Armed with his keen business acumen and wide network, Pretheep is poised to lead us in a strategic partnership to achieve a contextualised approach to fulfilling our vision of becoming the global adjudicator, beginning with India, in insurance management and the champion for ethical and corruption free social and humanitarian services.